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Hello ! I'm Hannah, I'm 15, and my blog contains Sherlock, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Harry Potter, The Hobbit, LOTR,The Hunger Games, Star Trek, Attack on Titan, Studio Ghibli and a big mess of other stuff!



This Give-Away is in celebration of my blog’s 100 follower mark! There will be two winners chosen! I will ship to anywhere in the world! 

What Two Lucky People Will Win at Their Choice

Prize One: One hand made [By me] stretchy magnet therapy bracelet with swirl design beads for fashionable appearance, 6 Lavender Incense and one tumbled Amethyst stone. 

Prize Two: One hand made [By me] stretchy wood and Tree Agate  beaded bracelet, 6 Lavender incense and one tumbled Amethyst stone. 

Both bracelets are unisex, so anyone can wear them!

Both winners will also get their blog sponsored to increase follower count!


How To Enter, Rules & Further Info:

✧ This is a thank you to my followers, you must be following me

 If you want to win, you must reblog this post and include in your reblog ”one” or ”two” in your tags so I’m aware of which set you want for the Give-Away. Winners will be chosen at random, if you only like one of the sets, please don’t reblog. I can’t promise whichever to whomever. First winner obviously has first pick, when I chose a winner I will also ask for sure on which set you want for your entry so be open to accepting both!

✧ You can reblog as much as you’d like but I will only count one entry per-person. If you decide to reblog more than once, refrain from spamming your followers.

✧ You’re welcome to ‘Like’ this but it will be disregarded when picking a winner.

✧ No Giveaway blogs [Give away blogs as in if your blog is strictly on Give Aways to promote or sell products you sell] and no business/store promo blogs are eligible for obvious reasons. 

✧ You’ll need to feel comfortable to give me your address if you win so I can ship them to you. If you’re under 18 please get parental permission before giving your address.

Your ask box must be open and visible on your page and you must be an active user or your entry will be disregarded. 

You will have 24 Hours to respond once you have been chosen. I will message you  confirming you’ve won. If you do not reply to me within that amount of time, I will choose someone else as the winner.

Winners will be chosen on May 30th, 2014! I want as many people possible to have the chance to win. I will give you all a 12 hour notice before entries are expired and two people have won. So make sure to keep following me if you want to win!


You don’t have to keep following me after winners have been selected but it is recommended to! I will be doing many more Give-Aways in the future and to ensure first dibs, feel welcome to keep following. I blog a lot of helpful and fun things to boot :) Future Give-Aways will be more than just stones and bracelets. I’m very craft and enjoy making lots of different things!  Check out helpful links Here from me. 

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this war is terrible.

New stills from Divergent.


intense concentration coming from everyone in this photo


intense concentration coming from everyone in this photo


Cocoon and Evolved Metallic Mechanitis Butterfly Chrysalis from Costa Rica 

I don’t consider myself a feminist, I prefer to call myself a humanist or an egalitarian.
Pseudo-intellectual white dude who prefers to imagine that he’s more enlightened than feminists and also is uncomfortable with the thought that he’s part of the problem and also has a incorrect conception of feminism. (via brighterthanroses)




when ur parents go out food shopping